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Rocky Mountain Oils Review

Rocky Mountain Oils company was formed in 2004 by an enthusiastic group of people with the primary aim of providing pure essential oils for the benefit of the people. They recognize the necessity of essential oils and their healing qualities. They provide all their customers with premium quality essential oils that have the potential to change the lives of millions of people across the globe. Their products are authentic and pure which is backed by their 100% guarantee. They have a 90-day guaranteed return policy under which even opened packages, if unsatisfactory, are replaced. They ensure that their customers enjoy 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction of Quality.

Rocky Mountain Essential Oil Quality

Their process of ensuring the quality of the products is rooted in the S.A.A.F.E. Promise. The S.A.A.F.E. Promise can be explained as an aggregate of principles and development processes which root out any compromise in the authenticity of their products. The S.A.A.F.E. Promise is an abbreviation for the following-

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – They vouch for the quality of their essential oils and ensure that all their products are pure and potent. All their products are accompanied by the results of their quality analysis. They also provide a 90-days return policy.
  • Authentic – All their products are a 100% pure. Their process of procuring material is steeped in stringent quality checks. They only buy directly from the most trusted suppliers of the raw materials. Their samples are also tested rigorously using GC/MS analysis to check the purity of the essential oils obtained from the procured raw materials. Even after the initial tests, before furnishing an order, the samples are retested using the GC/MS analysis to doubly ensure cent percent authenticity.
  • Analysis – Impeccable analysis is the key ingredient in providing undiluted and unadulterated essential oils to their customers. They conduct both internal and external, i.e. third party GC/MS tests on all products. After the GC/MS tests, the in-house chemists carry out Organoleptic, refractive index and other tests to analyze the purity of their products.
  • Free of Adulterants – They always guarantee the products to be pure and unadulterated. While extracting essential oils, the risk of adulterating it with impurities runs very high. Using Gas Chromatography, that analyzes the volatile liquid in its gas phase, Mass Spectrometry, which determines the amount and type of molecules present in the sample, Organoleptic, that analyses the physical properties of the oils and Refractive Index analysis that utilizes a refractometer to verify the RI of the pure oil, they determine that their samples are unadulterated. In addition, their products are also tested by third party analysts apart from the in-house chemists which is a great way of ensuring quality.
  • Effective and Pure – They take pride in selling only 100% authentic essential oils. Their products being pure, are therefore potent. They guarantee their product quality and with that, ensure that you and your family fetch all the benefits of using pure essential oils.

The way they package their products also serves the purpose of maintaining purity of the oils. All their orders are packed in amber glass bottles by trained professionals using techniques that protect the oils from adulterants and dilution. Only safely secured and sealed bottles with proper labels are shipped to customers.

Rocky Mountain Oil Best Selling Products

Let us have a consider some of the products of Rocky Mountain Oils that are in great demand and analyze the benefits of using them-

  • Blue Tansy Essential Oil – This is an essential oil derived from the Moroccan Tansy or Moroccan Blue Chamomile and has a warm, sweet and soft herbaceous aroma. They procure it by steam distilling the leaves and flowers of the Moroccan Tansy. This oil works particularly well to relieve tension from overworked and exhausted muscles through massage and drain out fatigue by using it as facial oil.
  • Breathe Ease Essential Oil Blend – This is a blend of essential oils procured from Eucalyptus, Myrtle, Peppermint, Spruce, Ravintsara, Pine and Marjoram. The blend has strong and sharp menthol like fragrance which works particularly well to abate sinus infections. This can be used to apply as a mist spray that loosens the mucus in the nasal passage and support the respiratory system to breathe easily.
  • Eucalyptus citriodora Essential Oil – They derive this oil by steam distilling the leaves of the Eucalyptus citriodora. The oil has a herbal and lemony aroma which is found to be of particular use in clearing the respiratory passages during congestion and calming the nerves. Some blends of the oil find use in treating skin conditions, bug bites and dandruff.
  • Fitness Essential Oil Blend – With a bright, fresh, citrus and spicy aroma, this blend is made from the essence of grapefruit, lemon, cinnamon bark, celery seed and ginger root. The blend serves the purpose of reducing stress and elevating moods. Under strict diets, this blend keeps cravings for fast-food at bay and rejuvenates the body during exercise.
  • Immune Strength Essential Oil Blend – Made from the blend of oils derived from clove buds, cinnamon bark, lemon, orange, oregano, mandarin, thyme, rosemary, nutmeg, ginger root and Eucalyptus citriodora, it's medicinal aroma helps strengthen Immune system. This oil blend has some spicy overtones and a hint of citrus in its aroma that makes you feel calm. Spray mists created using this blend help you strengthen your immune system.

Reasons to Choose Rocky Mountain Oils

The modern lifestyle and the stress associated with it often leave us drained of energy. The fast-paced life and demanding schedule leaves out little room for maintaining balanced diet, medicine and exercise. As a result, you often feel fatigued and compromised in your endeavors. No matter how much supplements and tonics you use, these artificial elements can never provide you the feeling of rejuvenation that comes from natural elements.

Various plants, flowers, bark and leaves, which have been used in their traditional medicines for ages have essential oils that provide some remarkable results against lifestyle ailments. Rocky Mountain Oils is dedicated to provide the best quality of essential oils to its customers. People have been using essential oils for therapeutic and medicinal purposes and in concoctions for thousands of years. They can be used by inhaling the vapors. The diffusion can be carried out by a diffuser, through steam or through a spray mist.

The 100% pure oils provided by RMO are potent and effective against nervous tension, respiratory problems and muscle fatigue. The oil blends are also effective in treating skin conditions, bites, cuts, to stimulate immune system and lift moods. They ensure premium quality of their products using various tests carried out routinely like GC/MS tests. Rocky Mountain Oils vouches to provide you the products worth your money with guaranteed quality. All their products are properly listed on their website with the benefits described. Try RMO essential oils and revolutionize the way you lead your life forever.

Rocky Mountain Oil Coupons Discounts and Promo Codes

Along with the purity of products, RMO highly values customer satisfaction. To make it easier for you to get pure and potent essential oils, Rocky Mountain Essential Oils regularly provides coupon codes and offers monthly discounts on their essential oil products.  Rocky Mountain Oils are categorized on the website with respect to source, special oil blends and their medicinal effects thereby helping you to choose your desired solution easily. Along with receiving Rocky Mountain Oils coupons, you will also receive points that are updated on your profile with every order and these points help you get special deals in future.

If you are looking for Rocky Mountain Oils vs doTERRA or Rocky Mountain Oils vs Young Living, we will tell you that you won't be disappointed if you give them a try.