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Jade Bloom Essential Oil Review

With the vision of delivering Health, Healing and Happiness to as many people as possible using purely organic and natural sources, Jade Bloom came into existence.

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Jade Bloom is a one of a kind repository of essential oils of rare medicinal plants that aims to provide holistic care to the ailing and also impart education about the traditional way of medication that was the legacy of our ancestors. In the pursuit of achieving this goal, a four point objective has been laid:

  • Commitment to quality where Jade Bloom ensures you get 100% pure and authentic products.
  • Education of people regarding the healing properties of various herbs and their extracts using the best scientific studies available.
  • A strong stress on customer satisfaction and a persistent attention on engaging interaction with customers.
  • Economic rates of products. All products are authentic and potent yet priced very economically for regular customers to reap the benefits the essential oils.

Jade Bloom offers you a range of 100% pure essential oil just a click away at affordable prices for the health and well-being of you and your family.

Jade Bloom Quality

Essential oils are concentrated extracts of leaves, shoots, bark, roots, fruits and peels of particular plants that posses special healing properties. With the advent of modern medicine, the practice and knowledge of these traditional remedies has dwindled and therefore, judging the quality of the products available everywhere is questionable to say the least. Jade Bloom puts strict attention to quality and sells only tested and 100% authentic products. The company prides itself to be the providers of 100% pure essential oils at some of the lowest prices. And their confidence in quality is backed by their double guarantee where they offer double money-back in case of impure or adulterated products.

The company works night and day to monitor the process in which the oils are extracted to ensure quality produce. From strict vigilance over the suppliers of raw materials and routine checks on the samples of raw materials procured to a dedicated team of experts monitoring the extraction process at warehouses, quality compromise is not on the sheets at any level. Essential oils are however very prone to adulteration. All batches are sample tested both in-house as well as by third party laboratories using both Organoleptic and GC tests to determine the purity of the products. These stringent quality control protocols allow the company to proudly declare it's Free Returns and Free Refund guarantee against all its products.

Jade Bloom Best Selling Products

Jade Bloom has a large collection of essential oil extracts from a wide range of aromatic plants and herbs. All its products are categorically listed in its website and arranged in accordance with composition such as single oils, blends, combo packs, etc. All products are 100% pure and therapeutic grade with detailed accounts of the source and usage for healing. Let's shuffle through some of the beat selling products of Jade Bloom Essential Oil-

  • Rare Kashmir Lavender Essential Oil – Obtained by Steam distilling the flowers of the rare Kashmir Lavender i.e. Lavandula augustifolia which grows exclusively in the Kashmir region of the Himalayas, it can be used to treat a variety of diseases ranging from parasite infections, burns, insect bites to spasm. The medium sweet floral aroma of the oil is very useful to relieve tension in the muscles after a tiring day and helps relax the body and mind.
  • Yoga CITTA – The product is titled as A Blend for the Mind and rightfully does so. Formed of a mixture of 100% pure and undiluted oils of Peppermint, Sage, Cardamom, Ginger and Sweet Fennel, the blend is a boon for the restless mind. It's aroma invokes concentration and when applied on the head or neck, rejuvenates the mind with freshness and energy. It can also be used in a diffuser to lift the mood and alert the mind.
  • Yoga NAMASTE – This product is a blend of 100% pure and undiluted therapeutic grade essential oils of Orange, Camphor, Cananga and Lavandin. Applied on the head or the neck during a massage or through a diffuser, its aroma instills a sense of calm on the nerves and creates a feeling of harmony. The mind unwinds in its scent; the mind becomes alert and induces a sense of respect for nature. It is claimed to bring about harmony and a healthy balance in relationships.
  • Yoga OM – It is made of the 100% pure essential oil extracts of rosemary, Abies alba, Juniper Berry, Juniper needle, Lemongrass, Clover leaf, Black pepper and Nutmeg. Massaging the head and neck using the blend or using it in a diffuser provides a feeling of self awareness. It calms the nerves, makes the mind alert and regulates breathing. The aroma of the mix clears the mind, helps to focus thoughts and helps in clear thinking.
  • EMPOWER Natural Progesterone Blend for Women – This unique product is a mix of 100% pure and potent essential oils of Copaiba Balsam, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Cedarwood Atlas, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Bergamot, Peppermint, USP Grade Progesterone from wild yam extracts and Clove Buds. It is a boon for women over 30 and slowly approaching menopause. The one of a kind mix of essential oils combats the mood swings, hot flashes, urinary incontinence and poor concentration associated with menopause. Massaging the oil on the neck and the abdomen helps restore hormonal balance, relieve menstrual pain and supports good health.
  • FOCUS Brain Blend with German Chamomile– Focus Brain Blend is a mixture of essential oils of Spearmint, Spanish Sage, Geranium, German Chamomile and Myrtle. Quite like the name suggests, this unique concoction is a great inducer of concentration. Using the oil in a diffuser or through a roller ball to apply over the spine, its aroma relieves nervous tension, clears the mind and promotes clarity of thought. It enhances the ability of the brain to focus and helps to rejuvenate the brain to function properly.
  • Remove Wart/Skin Tag Blend – A blend of 100% undiluted and pure therapeutic grade essential oil extracts of Lemon, Cypress, Tea tree, Frankincense, Oregano and Marjoram, it is a wonderful product for treating skin conditions. Application of a few drops in the affected area of the skin removes skin tag and warts, promotes skin generation and diffuses scars.
  • Complete Yoga Kit – This is an ensemble of various individual products like OM, NAMASTE, CITTA-, ANANDA and SAVASANA. All the individual products are put together to form a combo pack which has the effect of promoting tranquility of the mind giving you an experience of bliss in the tiring everyday work schedule.
  • Concentration Kit – This pack comes with a beautiful Aquamist diffuser and bottles of CITTA and Haitian Vetiver. The individual properties of CITTA and Vetiver are to calm the nerves and promote concentration of the mind. The Aquamist diffuser has a capacity of holding 150ml water and catering to an area of 400 square feet. This very popular pack is your getaway from the stress of a tiresome day to a blissful world of mental relaxation and awakening.
  • Yoga ANANDA – It is a blend of 100% pure and undiluted oils of Mandarin, Lavender, Tangerine, and German Chamomile. It has a sweet aroma that revitalizes the body and soul, providing you with a surge of energy. Massaging the neck and head with the oil or using it in a diffuser soothes the nerves and relaxes the body. It improves the alertness and calmness of the mind and lifts mood. It can also be used to in a diluted spray to clean yoga mats because it is a remarkable cleanser.

Reasons to Choose Jade Bloom

Before you decide whether to choose Jade Bloom, you must understand why Jade Bloom exists. The pursuit of Jade Bloom is to promote healthy living among the masses. Natural remedies were the norms of medication for ages until modern scientific inventions alienated us from this traditional knowledge.

With time, the contact of people with nature and natural remedies has gone down leading to an unhealthy lifestyle. Jade Bloom believes in the potency of the modern medicines but firmly states the importance of traditional herbs and plants as well. While modern medicine helps bring down infections after they have been contracted, essential oils from natural sources help the body to remain healthy for the rest of the time, giving you a fulfilling life.

Jade Bloom believes in the collective contribution of modern medicine and traditional herbs for the health and well-being of people. While modern drugs are tested and available to you in all drug-stores, traditional natural remedies are not. This is where Jade Bloom offers its services. It provides you with essential oil extracts from medicinal and aromatic plants which can be used for the welfare of you and your family. The company guarantees 100% pure, undiluted and unadulterated oils to all customers at affordable prices along with several guidelines on how to use them. Jade Bloom however recommends the consultation of aromatherapists before application of the products to avail best results. It also has online educational features available for interested consumers to learn more about traditional aroma-therapeutic remedies and apply them for the good of the people around them. So get acquainted with the products and their features on the website and avail the 100% pure and guaranteed essential oils for the health and well-being of you and your family.

Jade Bloom Coupons

Jade Bloom rolls out regular discounts and offers for the benefit of its customers. There are special discounts available during festive and holiday seasons apart from the several offers rolled out throughout the year. The company values its existing customers beyond everything and ensures their satisfaction with impeccable quality in its products. Apart from that, there is a system of loyalty points awarded to the customers based on their actions in the website. Every purchase in the website earns you points which are deposited in your profile. Signing up for a FREE learning course in Jade Bloom earns you 7500 points, subscribing to the newsletter gives 100 points, referring a friend of the website or some product earns you 50 points and the first purchase by that friend earns you 500 points.

Buying the products also gives you loyalty points which you can redeem in future purchases. Every 250 points collected is worth a discount of $1 and a collection of 10000 points earns you $40 worth products at once. Such a lucrative policy of discounts and deals on tested and authentic products should not be missed. So, check out the website of Jade Bloom and get ready to transform your life altogether.