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Bulk Apothecary Essential Oil Review

Essential oils are in use since ancient times and their healing power is no secret. The health benefits of essential oils are very well known. They fight cold and flu symptoms, relax the body and soothe the muscles, are very potent in dealing with skin problems and help improve digestion.

One of the largest essential oil selling companies, Bulk Apothecary, was founded in 2010 as a small brick and mortar retailer in Streetsboro, Ohio has since grown to become one of the nation's largest online suppliers of natural ingredients and essential oils. It is an online retail store selling a wide variety of essential oils, raw ingredients, vitamins, bases, fragrances, and flavors. They claim to sell 100% pure essential oils.

Their main focus from the beginning was soap and candle making, but the reviews and word of fantastic prices of their products, amazing quality and excellent customer service spread.  Within 3 years, they had expanded production to a wide range of specialty ingredients and vitamin supplements. They have a dominant online presence in the essential oil arena and are growing bigger every day.

True essential oils are expensive and this is probably one of the only companies that can give you bulk and discounted rates for what they claim are 100% pure and high grade oils.

Some of the most widely sold oils in Bulk Apothecary include eucalyptus oil, sandalwood oil, lavender oil, and peppermint oil. The raw materials used by them mostly include vegetable oils, colors, clays, acids, butters, waxes, seeds, botanicals, and numerous other fine ingredients.

The biggest pro of the Bulk Apothecary essential oils lies in its pricing. Bulk Apothecary offers a stunning array of essential oils and related compounds at extremely affordable rates.  The oils are affordable and substantial discounts and coupson are given frequently. Shipping is available across the United States through UPS. All their products are shipped from Ohio.

Bulk Apothecary is said to source the finest quality ingredients and supplies from ethical producers around the globe. Their products are low in price compared to others and are perfect for those who want to buy in bulk, wholesale or make their own products . They are known to have good and dedicated customer service where they treat every customer with equal importance.

They sell essential oils, standardized and commercial grade oils, essential oil kits, blends, diffusers and dilutions. Apart from a wide range of essential oils, they also have a plethora of other products like packaging products, health and beauty products, decorative bags, bath and body lotions, recipe kits and books.

The most unique feature of Bulk Apothecary is that you can purchase the raw ingredients you need to make your own beauty products, medicines, supplements, candles, soap, and other such products.

Another feather in their cap is that the company recently acquired the Nature’s Oil lineup of products. You can find Nature’s Oil in your local grocery stores and health food retailers.

Bulk Apothecary Oil Quality

Bulk Apothecary claims their essential oils are one of the purest essential oils in the market today.  Many companies sell essential oils online by marketing them as “pure”. But in reality, these oils are often mixed with hazardous chemical additives. True essential oils are expensive to produce. Bulk Apothecary promises to sell 100% pure high-grade aromatherapy essential oils at quite affordable prices which may cause some to question the quality. They are also one of the largest importers and domestic purchasers of many essential oils available in America today.

The raw materials used by them mostly include vegetable oils, colors, clays, acids, butters, waxes, seeds, botanicals, and other high quality, pure and natural materials.

Bulk Apothecary Best Selling Products

Some of the best-selling essential oils at Bulk Apothecary are:

  1. Anise Star Essential Oil: Derived from the star anise tree fruit, this essential oil epitomizes Bulk Apothecary- good quality essential oil at affordable prices.
  2. Basil Sweet Essential Oil: This oil is derived from the Basil plant, famously known as the “king of herbs”.
  3. Bergamot Essential Oil: This essential oil is derived from the star shaped flowering tree called Citrus aurantium bergamia. This oil is famous for its sensational scent.
  4. Cardamom Essential Oil: This sharp smelling essential oil is derived from the cardamom plant fruit which has attracted oil enthusiasts and aroma therapists all around the globe.
  5. Cassia Essential Oil: A strong, warm smelling essential oil derived from the cassia tree.

Reasons to Choose Bulk Apothecary

Here are a few top reasons why you might consider choosing a Bulk Apothecary product:

  • Affordable: The biggest plus point of BA products is that they are extremely affordable, some of which are even “too good to be true” type deals. If you are not completely happy with your purchase, you can simply return it within 14 days for a full refund minus the shipping.
  • A plethora of choices available: BA essential oil list is never ending- there are more than 140 different types of essential oils. You have more than enough options to zero down on one. Also, apart from essential oils, they also sell other products like beauty essentials, soaps, candles and a host of healthy food items like coffee, green tea and essential minerals and vitamin supplements. You can also buy the raw ingredients for making your own beauty products, soaps, medicines and candles.
  • Raw ingredients to make your own soaps and beauty products: As mentioned earlier, you can find raw ingredients at Bulk Apothecary to make your own beauty products, soaps, candles, skin and hair oil products.

Bulk Apothecary Coupons and Special Offers

Bulk Apothecary is famous for rolling out great discount deals. They are offering 15% discount on purchases over $250 by using “15OFF250” coupon code. The purchase, obviously, needs to be done from their website.

An additional 10% off can be achieved by using a coupon code “savings10”. Just to make things clear, this coupon has a success rate of about 94%.

You can also invite friends to buy products from Bulk Apothecary and you get $10 coupons for every purchase your friends make, given that the purchase value is above $25.